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There are few places in the world that have as rich of a history as Turkey. The area can trace its roots back to over 40,000 years ago encompassing thousands of rulers, hundreds of languages, and countless important moments in history. Today, modern Turkey combines the ruins and relics of its history with the latest water sports and modern nightclubs.The ancient town of Hasankeyf is located along the Tigris River in southeast Turkey. Although the cliff dwellings are thought to be around 2,000 years old, the area is believed to have been settled for an even longer period of time. Although it’ll take a little while and several busses to get there, Hasankeyf castle houses historical pieces of art and several ancient mosques that are worth seeing.

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Sores Dogan : A Glacial Opportunity




Back home in Alaska, while working for Glacier Park Resort, the opportunity for some informal guiding appeared and Berkley jumped at the chance. She found herself on the ice, and not long after, working for NOVA Riverrunners, a river rafting and adventure company. Her educational background gave her the confidence to become more involved and to show visitors her glacier.
“Being on the glacier is like another world,” said Berkley, who has guided families and even seniors past crevices, moulins (large vertical holes in the ice) and ice lakes. Teenagers with their “I’m too cool for this” attitude are Berkley’s favorites.

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Sores Dogan : Ephesus Kusadasi Turkey


Turkey is the largest country in Asia Minor. It has an extremely varied nature, diverse climate and topography. Culturally and economically this is a country of great extremes. The contrast between the highly developed and modern cities and backward and conservative province is incredible. The country ranks among the 20 most developed countries in the world, but the benefits are very unevenly distributed. On the one hand are the dynamics, innovation and modern style of life at the metropolis Istanbul, on the other hand is the province in which at many places the lifestyle is generally without changes in the last 100 or 200 years.

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Sores Dogan : Mount Nemrut

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Turkey’s culture and history, including sites like Mount Nemrut, is what makes the country so attractive today.
Hip, cultural Istanbul is where many travellers start their voyages of discovery. Like New York isn’t America, Istanbul isn’t really Turkey, but a state in it’s own right. Unlike New York, Istanbul has 3,000 years of civilisation to inspire herself with. On the same latitude as Rome (and also built on seven hills), this was the perfect capital for the Emperor Constantine to establish the Eastern Roman empire from, just when old Rome was tearing itself to pieces.

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Sores Dogan : Tourist attractions in Turkey

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Turkey is a very special and magnificent country. Situated in between Asia and Europe, it has blended in the cultures of both continents and emerged as something totally new. The Turkish people take their pride in their earth, their majestic monuments and architecture, their food and their history. Turkey is the symbol of luxury, beauty and elegance. The houses and monuments are very intricately built. Visit the Antalya beach to experience the cleanest Mediterranean beach. Istanbul is a must for every turkey visitor as it is right in the middle of two continents. Turkey’s cultural heritage comes alive here.
The capital Ankara is also a great spot. It has beautiful tourist spots like the Cave of Seven Sleepers where ancient and fascinating Greek and Muslim stories come to life. Turkey is moreover a good place to invest in real estate. If you’re visiting with your family, make sure that you allow the ladies to shop till they are completely satisfied as turkey’s shopping destinations are world famous.

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Sores Dogan : Getting Visum in Turkey

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Getting a visum in Turkey at the airport and why you need a visum

With the countless things to see and do in turkey most people are opting to tour the country. The country boasts of perfect beaches and ancient ruins of its coast to the pulse of its cosmopolitan cities. Visitors can lose themselves in the magic of a historic palace before enjoying a world class meal, or swim amidst roman ruins before continuing their journey in the comfort of a state of the art yacht. Turkey has vital history on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Therefore, with this entire beautiful place in turkey visitors who want to tour the country have only one concern, how to get a visa.

You can buy a visum online or at your point of entry. This means that you get even buy a visum at the airport. So, how what do I need to get a visum in turkey at the airport? Getting a visum in turkey at the airport can be relatively simple or complicated at the same time. Nationals of some countries are allowed to buy their visums upon arrival while other are not allowed. Therefore, if you are a national of the allowed countries you can find the visum sales point at the left hand side of the border control gate. The countries whose nationalities can acquire visa at the airport include Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The only thing you will do to acquire a visum at the airport if you are a national this country is to part with a small fee at the visa counter located just before the passport control area inside the arrival halls. The amount paid varies according to your nationality and is determined by what your country charges the Turkish nationals to enter your country. Remember to consult a travel agent in your country before you travel so what he can update you on the charges, as they frequently change. Don’t forget to bring the exact amount of money in Euros, Dollars or Pound Sterling. Traveler’s cheques, Turkish lira or credit cards are not accepted. In addition, if you are travelling with your children then you will have to pay the same amount for each one of them. It is important to note that the amount paid for a visa at the airport is much less than if you paid it in advance.

So, why do you need a visum? A visum carries great importance to both the host country and the traveler. Queuing for the border control without a visum will be a loss of time, not mention the shame of being refused to enter the country in front of the others. A visum will save you from all this embarrassments. The Turkish government will also need a visum for immigration control. Because of concerns like terrorism, overpopulation and economic, it is important for the country to monitor who enters their country. A visum will also act as identity verification; during the visa application process the host country has the time to verify your identity. It will help them know whether you have a criminal record and your medical background.

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Sores Dogan : Turkey

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Whether you are an art and history buff, an archaeology nut or a nature lover, enjoy browsing through markets or going diving, the different regions of Turkey offer endless possibilities all year round. Each area has its own personality, history, landscape and even cuisine, and with so much on offer to visitors it is not surprising that one trip to Turkey is never enough.

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