A lot of photographers think that if they buy a better camera they’ll be able to take better photographs. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart.



The Gorgeous Ayder Plateau of North East Turkey

Sitting on the foothills of the Kaçkar mountains, the gorgeous green Ayder plateau is one place in Turkey that captured my full attention. Numerous Turkish friends had told me about its beauty and simplicity, but I did not realize the plateau would leave me with an overwhelming urge to return.

Ayder plateau Turkey

It is in the north-east region near Rize and at the time of my visit in June, the coastal resorts of the south and west were receiving temperatures of mid 30s while I went to sleep, dressed in jumpers, socks and with two warm blankets.

Sores Dogan s Trip Advisor

Hotel to stay: Hotel Europe Sarajevo…..excellent hotel with premium location and the best cafe in town right under the hotel in Bajcarsi district.
Where to eat: Buregdzinica Bosna……Since you are in Bosnia you have to taste the Bosnian Borek . I think this is one of the best where you can try.

Sores Dogan-Paris
Hotel to Stay:Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur ….Very close to the attraction(Mouline Rouge , Sacre Coeur etc) but far away from Eifell traffic of tourist .

Where to eat: Wepler…..Best price for a real french dish where French eats it.

Sores Dogan-Nice
Hotel To Stay:Ellington….In between beaches and train station with a fantastic staff.You can use their beach they provide towels.

Where to eat: La Favolla for sure it is great for the price. It might look weird to choose an Italian in france but it is like Italian with a French touch.

Sores Dogan-Menton

Hotel to Stay:Hotel Napoleon-On the beach , prices in Menton are expensive so this is one of the best priced.
Where to eat:It is the real deal Provence food at it is best price. It doesnt look as it is but you have to try it….

Sores Dogan-Roma:

Hotel to Stay:Dont expect way to much at this prices it is the best money can buy. Great place considering the tremendous prices around town.
Where to Eat:It is so hard to say a place when you are in heaven of food and wine. My suggestion is try as much possible :)

Sores Dogan -NYC
Hotel to Stay:If you have enough money for sure Waldorf may be New Yorker will be my second choice(cheaper for sure) or you can try zillions of choices most important thing is which part of the city you would liek to stay and this depends on what you are looking for. I would definetly suggest Manhattan eventhough it is a rush ..

Mr. Sores Dogan of Baldwin&Glesser are asking investors to brave on investing in Africa

Mr. Sores Dogan of Baldwin&Glesser are asking investors to brave on investing in Africa. Fundraising took place in multi markets has been wellcomed by many corporate investors and individual investors.

Mr. Sores Dogan who has been involved in many fund raising road shows priroly says; At the begining some investors had doubts about placing money on markets they dont really know but as they see the track record of our work priorly they are more keen to be involved.

As per todays values we have been able to secure 275M usd for our investments in Africa says Mr Sores Dogan. Fund FRONTIER-3 will be mainly investing energy and mining deals . Mr Sores Dogan also says they are willing to set up a second fund for agricultural projects which will also have a sub-fund regarding infrastructure investments .

In 5 years time our total portfolio in Africa will be 350 MWs says Mr Sores Dogan. Our principal investment of two hydro power plants which will be shovel ready in three months will be finalized in 50 months of the start date and will be connected to national grids where the projects are located.

As a conclusion Mr Sores Dogan states we believe Africa has more capacity than anywhere in the world and expecting to have double digit growth all around the continent in next 10 years. Mr Agabe Muwasbe and Mr Sores Dogan will have a press release conference in Nairobi in Februrary 20th at Crown Plaza Hotel